Improving the motivation levels of the employees

If you are a manager, it should be your goal to keep up the motivational levels of employees working under you. You are aware of the fact that when motivation adds up with energy great things can happen at workplace. Different individuals have different levels of motivation. Once you are aware of what motivates an individual, it becomes easier for you to motivate him so that his efficiency and productivity improve.

Employees have different levels of motivation and you need to acknowledge this diversity among your employees. There is no one shoe fits all policy that you can apply to increase the motivation levels of all employees.

Most important motivation drivers

Experts have found that motivation of an employee is dependent upon, and also influenced by many different factors. These include not just pay, incentives, praise, and promotion but also greater level of autonomy, share in decision making, opportunities to learn new things, accomplishments, and new challenges in job. In fact, higher pay and friendliness have ceased to be top most motivation drivers in present times.

Apply different techniques with different employees

Even though studies have pointed out different motivation drivers, you cannot use them blindly upon all employees under all circumstances. It requires knowing employees on a personal level and developing rapport with them to learn what excites them and motivates them to do well at workplace. Often the culprit behind low motivation among employees is lack of transparency and troublesome interpersonal relationships.

Make sure you spend some time with your employees and communicate with them effectively to know what drives them individually.