welcome to
omega training

teach. train. prevent.


welcome to
omega training

teach. train. prevent.


welcome to
omega training

teach. train. prevent.


Omega Training is a human resource development company dedicated to providing products, services, and training that creates dynamic solutions to enable companies and individuals to reach greater heights by increasing morale and productivity while also providing the tools to eliminate or reduce destructive environments and potential lawsuits.

Omega Training’s software highlights include:

  • Schedule Questions and Trainings – Trainings can go out daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  It’s up to you.
  • Record Keeping – Know when and to whom a training was sent out and completed.
  • Increase Retention – Ongoing trainings with small bits and pieces of information will be more easily remembered.
  • Simple to Use – It only takes 15 minutes to set up a weekly training that will run for a year.  Import questions and users through excel with Omega Trainings unique drag and drop technology.
  • Plug and Play Content – Don’t limit your company to only Sexual Harassment training.  Use Omega’s entire employment law database of legal content courses at no extra cost.
  • Company Training Unification – Omega Training will provide a consistent ongoing training message with real-time updates on the status of your organization’s training and see what content, if any, needs to be re-addressed.
  • Video Capable – Use Omega Trainings videos to enhance your trainings or drop in your own video at no additional cost.
  • LMS – Omega Training offers a simplified one of a kind LMS (Learning Management System) at half the cost of a standard LMS.
  • Multiple Device Compatibility – Whether the learner is using a computer, smartphone or ipad, the end user will have the same learning experience on any device.

online hr training


Access ready to use HR training courses anywhere, anytime on any device through our LMS software that will track and monitor their progress.

services we offer

Sexual Harassment & Retaliation

Sexual harassment and retaliation have become a big problem in the workplace in many companies cutting across industries. Unfortunately, sexual harassment continues to occur in the workplace. Whether it is making comments, staring at them…

Learning Management System

Omega Training deploys all of its training courses through its own learning management system (LMS). Delivered directly to your employees’ devices anywhere in the world, our eLearning courses are easy for any employee—no matter their technical expertise—to open and navigate…


Whether you use Omega Trainings ready to use HR training courses or just want access to our LMS let us consult with you and your organization in creating a top notch and one of a kind training experience…

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Client’s testimonials

“Omega Training has created a one of a kind training solution. My managers love it! I have never worked with a customer service team as responsive and willing to implement enhancements that make this tool work for us. Omega Training is a five star company and they provide a five star training solution!”

Sarah Collin

"We have been using Omega Training for two years. It has been of real benefit to our company. We are currently in 15 different states, and because of this we experience many challenges when it comes to training our managers. By utilizing Omega Training we have been able to meet that challenge."

Kim Allen - Greenline